February 29, 2024

Does Your Team Understand Your Strategy? - Product Science Journal #39

In this issue, I share some favorite articles on what strategy is and isn't and what good strategy looks like.

Does Your Team Understand Your Strategy? - Product Science Journal #39
Written By:
Holly Hester-Reilly
Holly Hester-Reilly

Hello amazing product leaders and startup founders,

I asked my MBA students yesterday how many of them clearly understood how the product areas they had worked in contributed to the overall company strategy. Only two students raised their hands. That was an improvement over last semester when no one did. Still, it’s a place where companies struggle.

This year, I will talk more about the Product Science Principles and what better place to start than strategy. The first principle is Evidence-Based Product Strategy, which I always describe as two parts - one, having a strategy at all, and two, having it be based on real evidence-driven insights, not just intuition.

So, in this issue, I’m sharing articles focused on what strategy is and how you define it.


Holly’s Picks

Revenue Goals are Not Company Strategies
by Rich Mironov
I have always loved Rich’s writing, and this one immediately spoke to me. I can’t tell you how often I come across people setting revenue goals and leaving a vacuum underneath them. And if you like this article, check out his recently refreshed book!

How to Stop your Strategy From Turning into a Fantasy
by Saeed Khan
In this piece, Saeed argues that a strategy “is a hypothesis (a bet) about a critical means to solving a problem or achieving a goal.” I like the framework he shares of the elements of a strategy being objectives, understanding, actions, and measurement.

How to Take Bigger, Bolder Product Bets — Lessons from Slack’s Chief Product Officer
First Round Review
While I use a lot of words (experiment, data, intuition) differently from Slack’s CPO Noah Desai Weiss, I wholly agree with the core principles here: you need a mix of qualitative and quantitative evidence to drive your decisions, you need to share context and build trust with your team, and you need to be willing to take calculated risks.

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