September 20, 2022

Growing and Learning in Product Management - Product Science Journal #35

I'm feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle everything from the basics to the nuances of applying continuous product discovery.

Growing and Learning in Product Management - Product Science Journal #35
Written By:
Holly Hester-Reilly
Holly Hester-Reilly

Dear product practitioneers,

It's fall, and I'm excited to be back into the routines of the school year. Whether it's meeting with my kid's teachers, teaching a new class of business school students, or running a workshop, I'm using my growth mindset. This is the time of year to dream big, set goals, and start building habits that will get you there. I am setting goals for my business and myself and am eager to begin working toward them. So this issue is about growing and learning.

On that note, I'm thrilled to share that your chance to come and learn from me is coming up this November 10-11 in New York City. For the first time since the pandemic, I'm hosting a public workshop, Data-Driven Product Decisions, where I'll share the Product Science Method, teaching you how to kill a bad idea or advocate for a great one. I hope to see you there!


The Ken Norton Hypothesis: Product Is Best Taught Through Apprenticeship

The Product Science Podcast

In the final episode of Season 4, Ken Norton tells us why he thinks the best way to learn product management is through apprenticeship. I quite agree, although for those who aren't lucky enough to find a good person to learn from, I do also think the right content, experience, and mindset will get you there eventually. Listen to this episode for more of his wisdom!

Product Management – Start Here


This article from Marty Cagan is a great resource to share when someone is first learning about product management.

15 Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

Psychology Today

Having a growth mindset is so valuable in today's rapidly changing world. In this article, Tchiki Davis describes the importance of a growth mindset and how to build one.

Podcast Season 4 Has Ended

We wrapped up Season 4! In addition to the episode above, check out these episodes:

Join us for Data-Driven Product Decisions: A Hands On Workshop for Product Leaders

On November 10-11, 2022, I'll be running a workshop in New York City and I'd love to have you there! I'll share how to build products that drive growth and outcomes for users and your company. Participants will learn the Product Science Method, a step-by-step process for evaluating product opportunities and laying the foundations for high-growth product development. Learn more here.

My talk at Women in Product is now available

Back in May I gave a talk at the Women in Product Conference on Becoming a High-Growth Product Leader with Continuous Discovery. Now it's on YouTube! Check it out here.

Brought to you by H2R Product Science

Our team at H2R Product Science partners with startup founders and product leaders to share The Product Science Principles and the accompanying framework, the Product Science Method, which I've developed over my time in tech startups. Through our coaching and consulting work, we help our clients figure out which product growth opportunities they should pursue and build the product management skill to deliver on their goals. Reach out if you'd like to explore working together, whether as a client or a team member!

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