August 15, 2022

Holly's Women In Product Talk is Available on Youtube

Holly's Talk on "Becoming a High Growth Product Leader with Continuous Discovery" at Women In Product is available to watch on YouTube.

Holly's Women In Product Talk is Available on Youtube

Earlier this year, Holly was thrilled to present her talk on Becoming a High-Growth Product Leader with Continuous Discovery at the Women in Product 2022 Annual Conference.

Some of our favorite responses from attendees include:

“I find discovery so nebulous and daunting so trying to break it out into more discrete stages which can be thought of scientifically is great.”

“I found the structure really helpful: Loved the high level framework for classifying the stages of transitioning toward high growth, continuous product discovery, identifying a team's current phase, and next steps to take from that stage.”

“Great, tactical insights into how to complete and make progress on integrating continuous discovery into product processes. I definitely will utilize at my company and sharing among my product team. Thank you, Holly!!”

The video replay is now available on YouTube here:

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