February 15, 2023

It's Not Research - It's You - Product Science Journal #38

This issue contains upcoming talks and webinars on user research and continuous product discovery, a recent article in UXDX about the Product Science Success Path, an article about how to tell if something is a product or a feature, and recent podcast episodes

It's Not Research - It's You - Product Science Journal #38

Dear product leaders,

I'm writing this from the plane as I fly from my home in New York City to Oakland for the ProductWorld conference. I'll be talking there about one of my favorite topics - continuous product discovery.And I wrote another article recently, this time about the Product Science Success Path.

I'm also doing a webinar soon, with the folks at User Interviews, on how bad research gives UXR a bad name. More info about each of those below.

In addition, I'm sharing a recent article from Rich Mironov as well as the latest Product Science Podcast episode, with Shane Zilinskas, on building products from 0 to 1 with user research and empathy.



How to Level Up Your Continuous Product Discovery Using the Product Science Success Path


Last year I spoke about the Product Science Success Path at Women in Product, and now I've written an article to go into some more detail on it. In this article, I go over the 5 stages to go from agile product developer to high-growth product leader. It's a blueprint for how to improve your continuous discovery practice based on identifying what stage you're at now and trying one new thing. 


Product or Feature?


I often work with clients to figure out whether the software they are building can be a standalone product or is just a feature of an existing product line, so I appreciate this article that Rich Mironov published recently on this topic. I particularly liked the "It's more likely to be its own product if" chart.

The Shane Zilinskas Hypothesis: User Research and Empathy Drive Products From 0 to 1



In this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we cover how Dan got started in tech, why he built an agency of his own, and how they practice product discovery. It's woeth a listen if you've considered whether to go solo or build your own business.

Podcast Season 5 is here!

The Shane Zilinskas Hypothesis: User Research and Empathy Drive Products From 0 to 1
The Christina Xu Hypothesis: Accessibility is a Critical Aspect of Product Design
The Jason Keramidas Hypothesis: With Enterprise Products, the Sales Team is Your Biggest Asset
The Tosin Onibon-oje Hypothesis: Kindness is a Strength for Product Managers
The Jackie Bavaro Hypothesis: Cracking the PM Career Means Leading With The Right Questions
The Emily Patterson Hypothesis: You're Not Really Learning Product Unless You're Doing It

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Join me at ProductWorld 2023 in Oakland this week or virtually next week

On Thursday, Feb 16, at 11:30 PST I'll be speaking at ProductWorld on Practicing Continuous Product Discovery with the Product Science Method. It's packed with my favorite tips for improving or starting your continuous product discovery practice, from who to talk to to when to make a decision. And next week, I'll be giving the talk online for the virtual conference on Wednesday Feb 22 at 11:30 PST. Sign up with my link for a free OPEN pass to the event.

Upcoming Awkward Silences Webinar - It's Not Research, It's You: How Bad Research Practices Give UXR a Bad Name

Later this month, I'll be doing a live podcast and webinar with the team at User Interviews. I'm super excited to talk about what happens when the research doesn't drive the product outcomes that were expected. How do you figure out what went wrong? Do you stop doing research, change how you do research, or change how you make decisions with the insights from the research? Join me and the User Interviews team and ask us your questions on February 28th, 3 PM EST!

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