December 21, 2022

The Path to Product-Market Fit Requires Steady Iteration - Product Science Journal #37

The path to product-market fit is a steady cycle of iterations. In this issue I share the Product Discovery Loop, stories from JH Forster at User Interviews, and an article from First Round Review about Airtable's path to product-market fit.

The Path to Product-Market Fit Requires Steady Iteration - Product Science Journal #37

Dear product leaders,

So I wrote an article for the first time in quite some time - about a tool I developed called the Product Discovery Loop. I use it to break down the components involved in reaching product-market fit into more easily testable pieces: market segment, user pain, user outcome, and solution. I'd love to know if you find the article useful, so if you give it a read, tell me what you think.

Meanwhile, I'm sharing some content around growing startups and finding product-market fit. One is a recent podcast episode with JH Forster on being the first product hire at User Interviews, which just raised a series B round. The other is an article from First Round Review about Airtable's path to product-market fit.



How to Use the Product Discovery Loop to Find Product-Market Fit


Agile Insider

In this article, I share the 4 stages of the product discovery loop: market segment, user pain, user outcome, and solution. I argue that you need to experiment your way through the loop iteratively, each time increasing the number of use cases your product supports. Somewhere along the way, you'll find product-market fit.

The JH Forster Hypothesis: The First Product Hire at a Startup Needs to Be a Player-Coach


Product Science Podcast

In this interview with JH Forster, SVP of Product at User Interviews, we discuss how JH set his sights on a job as the first product hire at a startup, how he found the job, and what it's been like growing and evolving as the startup has grown from 6 people to 130 people. He even shares some of the mistakes he made!

Airtable's Path to Product-Market Fit — Lessons for Building Horizontal Products

First Round Review

I love a good real-world story of building a product from the ground up. It's interesting that the founders saw themselves as bucking the lean startup trend, but then go on to say that they started with a prototype and tested whether people could use it. Anyhow, it's a solid read.

Podcast Season 5 is here!

The JJ Rorie Hypothesis: The 5 Key Skills That Make a Product Manager Great Can Be Learned
The Emily Patterson Hypothesis: You're Not Really Learning Product Unless You're Doing It
The Pulkit Agrawal Hypothesis: Customer-Centric Teams Are Attached to Problems and Not Solutions
The Susan Stavitzski Hypothesis: The Best Way to Get Better at Discovery is to Do It Over and Over Again

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