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Develop A Product Team That Can Compete

Whether you're building a new product organization from scratch or looking to infuse the one you've got with the innovation skills to compete in this fast-changing world, we'll help you lay a strong foundation and coach your team to success.

Building Great Product Teams in the Enterprise is Hard

You’ve worked hard to get buy-in for the change you know the company needs. Not everyone in the organization is on the same page, but you’ve got key supporters and the steady will to drive change. You know it all depends on having great product teams. Whether you're upskilling people already in the organization or hiring a new team, we can help you get there faster.

  • You've got an outdated tech infrastructure and re-platforming efforts have failed before

  • You've got a product idea that you haven't been able to put time to but keeps nagging at you to explore

  • You're under pressure to hit big numbers and need faster product development to help you get there

  • You've just inherited a new organization and you need to quickly figure out and fill the gaps

  • You need more coaches on deck as you upskill your team in innovation and product management

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1:1 Coaching

We coach executives and product leaders to help them develop and display their product leadership capabilities, including inspiring teams with evidence-based product strategies and empowering teams with objectives and key results (OKRs).


Our team works hands-on with companies to identify gaps in the product organization, interview and develop great product talent, adopt innovative product development practices, and implement OKRs.

Team Coaching

We coach product teams to help them strengthen their ability to deliver innovative solutions within complex enterprise ecosystems.


At our public and private workshops, we work through real case studies and share tangible techniques you can use to build an evidence-based product management practice.

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The Product Science Principles

Over 15+ years in tech companies, founder Holly Hester-Reilly has developed product science, a theory for building high-growth products, teams, and companies.

People have more choices today than ever before, so product science focuses on creating experiences they want to be a part of. Our world changes fast, so product science relies on continuous feedback and rapid learning loops.

At its core, product science is about finding people’s pains and developing effective solutions for their problems – with the products we build, the processes we use, and the organizations we create.

Evidence-Based Product Strategy

Understand your users, your market, the product, and feasibility. Make informed decisions about which growth opportunities to pursue.

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Continuous Discovery & Delivery

Work in small, cross-functional teams using design thinking, lean startup, and agile software development. Focus on outcomes, not output.

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Empowered Teams

Set the vision. Communicate the values. Then empower autonomous teams with the context and authority to make great decisions quickly.

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We've Learned With The Best in Tech

“Holly is literally the strongest product manager who I have ever worked with in my career (and I've worked with LOTS of great ones; so that's saying a lot).”
Alyse Dunn
Alyse Dunn, Founder
Formerly Venmo and MediaMath
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What Enterprises Say About Us

I especially liked how Holly broke the guidelines of her product opportunity assessment process down into digestible chunks for the break out sessions and built them back up together in the discussion with the other workshop attendees. I also liked the format of a case study with her work at Shutterstock as examples. Felt free but not scary!

Grace Tuttle
Staff Researcher

As a senior product designer who was consulting on a project with the Product Science Group, I joined one of Holly's workshops to better understand her methodology. The workshop developed on the knowledge I was exposed to through seeing Holly work and ended up being an absolute career-changer. Through everything I learned about product discovery, I've been able to bring a unique skillset to the teams I've joined since, resulting in higher pay, more responsibility, more consciousness, and an all-around better professional experience.

Mark Enache
Lead Product Designer

Data-Driven Product Decisions is the kind of workshop I’d do on my own, even if my company doesn’t sponsor me. The workshop was structured well, dividing us into groups, having us work silently and then collaboratively. We were constantly building on top of the previous work. I found it very useful!  I think it would also be beneficial for strategists and product marketing managers.

Moises Eskinazi
Senior Product Manager
Digital Ocean

Working with Holly gave me a better frame of reference. Both from conversations with her that are validating to experiences I’ve had and then also references she's provided — books, articles, some tools. Just a generally bigger toolkit.

Ethan Jones
Product Management Director

I really enjoyed the Data-Driven Product Decisions workshop - the topic was one I feel like I am faced with more and more these days. I liked the way Holly did the product opportunity assessment, so I walked my team through some of the exercises to apply to a project we're working on now. It helped us to focus our experimentation.

Joe Lalley
Joe Lalley Experience Design

Holly worked with FalconX at a time of high growth for the product team and as the company was doubling in size. Holly helped us take on many scaling challenges, and her focus on collaboration, communication, and product research left a positive mark on the team.

Samir Ghosh
Director of Product
Falcon X

I appreciated the small group dialogue, and the content around influencing stakeholders, which took the course beyond the typical product dev frameworks. Holly’s personal examples affirmed her credibility and added to the course.

Jeff Reiser
Sr Director for Strategy and Business Intelligence
Fitch Solutions

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