Adam Thomas

Product Management Coach


Adam Thomas is no stranger to the hurdles product professionals face every day. From his early days as a system programmer to his role as VP of Product at various growth-stage organizations, Adam managed the delicate balance between customer needs, team dynamics, and organizational goals. Over his 15+ year journey, Adam spearheaded many transformative initiatives, from scaling product teams to launching long-delayed products.

Through this experience, Adam discovered that successful product teams are built in collaborative environments built on trust—in their processes, their data, and each other. Today, Adam shares his insights and proven-methodologies through workshops, keynotes, and educational programs that empower ineffective product teams to foster collaboration and consistently make better, data-driven decisions.

His experience as a mentor at altMBA and professor at Columbia University has honed his ability to translate complex theories and strategies into practical action. Adam has partnered with organizations like Google, bp, SmartRecruiters, and O'Reilly to operationalize product strategies, giving them the tools they need to better their hiring processes, improve communication, understand their metrics, and more. In addition to being able to more effectively ship products, the teams he’s worked with have benefited from as much as 90% employee retention.

Beyond product strategy, Adam channels his creative energy into directing theatrical productions. His friends, clients, and colleagues know him for his sense of humor, boundless curiosity and thoughtfulness.


Better products, better connections, and a better time at work for the team that I am working with.

Just For Fun

Adam directs theater in his spare time.

Meet Our Team

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