Mark Enache


It all started when I was but a wee lad... Just kidding, it started at Pratt Institute where I was ironed out by a rigorous education in graphics and communications. Now, with nearly a decade of professional experience, I pride myself on being a fast learner who's easy to work with. At the end of the day, we're all people—that's a principle I keep close to me while I work. Key hobbies include: melting into a video game, training as a dancer, hiding from inclement weather.


An innate sense for empathy, plus a lot of feelings, plus the love of studying behavioral psychology, plus chemical X= The PowerPuff Girls?

Just For Fun

I can get by in six languages—seven if you count body language!

Meet Our Team

The Product Science Group is made of passionate product leaders with decades of experience across startups and enterprises.

Holly Hester-Reilly

Product Leader & Founder

Holly is the founder of Product Science Group. Holly was a product leader at MediaMath during their journey to becoming a unicorn and at Shutterstock in the years after their IPO. She has spent the last 15 years working with startups, high-growth companies, and enterprises.

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Dina Levitan

Product Manager & User Researcher

Dina is a product management and user research consultant with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. She's been an engineering leader at Google and product leader at venture-backed startups. She has Computer Science degrees from MIT and an MBA from University of Washington

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Mark Enache

Designer of all the digital things who strives towards experiences that bring people together on common ground, both within teams and with users.

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