January 27, 2022

Seek Out People You Can Learn From – Product Science Journal #27

The people we seek out and surround ourselves with can make such a huge impact on us. What have you been doing to seek out and connect with people you can learn from?

Seek Out People You Can Learn From – Product Science Journal #27
Written By:
Holly Hester-Reilly
Holly Hester-Reilly

Hi friends,

This week has been full of exciting things for me, and I’m thinking a lot about how the people we seek out and surround ourselves with can make such a huge impact on us.

Over the holiday weekend, I had a new experience – a post of mine made the front page of Hacker Noon on Medium and got over a thousand views in the first few days. And I owe the inspiration for the post to John Cutler, whose writing inspires me to build my own habits to ship content instead of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

This week I also have the great pleasure of sharing my podcast conversation with Catherine Ulrich, who is the best product leader I’ve ever worked for. She talks in the interview about how she sped up her learning curve when she first stepped into a Chief Product Officer role by cold e-mailing people she wanted to learn from. She got a 10% response rate, but the ones who did respond made a huge difference. The risk paid off.

Finally, I also began a new client engagement this week which started with a great strategy workshop. Like a lot of my work these days, the client came to me through a referral from a product leader that I would have not thought to reach out to earlier in my career. I’ve gotten much more comfortable asking for chats and intros and even sending cold e-mails. And that is paying off for me too.

So my question for each of you is, what have you been doing to seek out and connect with people you can learn from? If you haven’t been doing this yet, what’s holding you back? Hit reply and tell me about it.



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